Thursday, March 11, 2010

packaging series

Our advanced design teacher assigned each of us two words, three food products, and a grocery store. From there we were to develop an in-store grocery brand comparable to Archer Farms of Target. My two words: Smithfield and Valley. My three products: Lemon Italian Soda, Traditional Potato Chips, and Basil Linguine. My grocery store: Carrs in Anchorage, Alaska.

Carrs is a Safeway grocery store that is modern, clean and inviting. For us Kansas Citians, it's similar to a Hen House or Cosentino's. For my "gourmet, yet affordable" products, I wanted to give a modern, clean, yet Alaskan appeal. The logotype includes my handwritten, but modern look of a typeface, combined with a hand-drawn valley like symbol. The color palette is bright, yet fun and appealing. The pattern is plaid, which includes all the colors of the palette. I still have quite a ways to go from here, but I feel like Im off to a good start.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lemur Optics Ads and Signage

Two ads, one magazine spread and one metro/subway ad & the signage for the Newbury Street eyeglass boutique.

Branding Update

Yes, I have changed my logo once again. And hopefully this one lasts for longer than 3 days. If you like the other one better, please keep your thoughts to yourself. Or else I may have an identity crisis. Thanks for viewing!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Last One Today, I promise!

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I have decided to rebrand myself... well kinda. I've changed my color. I sorta altered my look.
And Im fairly certain it's for the better. This is an idea for a business card that I whipped up last night. Don't the colors make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Kinda like me!

Okay, well this post will do it for today; sorry for the overload, Gmailer friends. Enjoy your weeks.

Yours truly,


Business Cards (Redesign)

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This weekend I got some great advice from design professionals on how to improve my sister's business cards' designs. Basically, they advised me to get rid of the candy-like logo. And I couldn't agree more. Using just her name as the logotype steps her jewelry line up a notch. Im still playing around with the backs of the cards and with the rest of her information. Soon enough we can get these babies sent to the printer and my sister can finally start earning the money she deserves!

My original post from on 2/7/2010:

For my sister's 30th birthday, I made her a variation of business cards for her jewelry line. I began with her logo which reflects Paige's fun yet stylish jewelry design. The background pattern of her logo is a pink diamond, and I played around with her initials until I saw that the m appeared to be in the shape of a jewelry stone, in particular a stone sitting on top of a ring. Her name and information are my handwriting. Lastly, I made three of her cards circular because of another one of her hobbies, collecting drink coasters. I was really happy to finally do this for her!

Updated System for Lemur Optics

This is very close to my final system and signage for the branding of Lemur Optics, a fictional eyeglass company I invented. As I mentioned before, in my comm systems class each student drew out of hat, an animal, number, mineral, and two letters. Based on those results, we were to research and build concepts for a new brand. I picked Lemur, 22, Flint, and QT. I decided on an optics/eyeglass boutique. Lemurs have large inquisitive eyes, and carry fun and playful characteristics. The other three components I chose helped me to build a logo or a mark that will help reach my audience: young, intelligent, hip adults residing or visiting the town of Boston. The store would sit on Newbury Street, a sophisticated and heavily populated shopping area of Boston.


The System