Friday, September 25, 2009

MOCSA logo

MOCSA, the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault, has asked the JCCC design department to help them with a better campaign for the Sexual Assault Awareness month of April. Our target audience is high school aged students. We formed groups of 4 people, and are in the process of creating four different design ideas. The things we create will help the MOCSA presenters visiting Kansas City area high schools to get a better response from this audience.

Getting the 24 hour hotline numbers out there and sending a positive and effective message to the kids are our main goals. This is the new logo I created for our campaign; it's supposed to resemble a stamp we will place on all of our materials. The tag line 'Respect and Protect' is a positive message to the kids reminding them to respect and protect themselves and others. I hope we can help MOCSA out; they are an extraordinary non-for-profit program. Hopefully, too, we can help to get their name out there!

For more information on the organization, visit

Im Gettin' Hitched!

On September 12, I was proposed to by my best friend, Eric. It was a huge surprise, but a great one. Right away I started working on a logo for us. These are the two ideas I have been working on, and of course, I am in the process of giving them a more formal and romantic look. I am so excited for our wedding and for our journey together! Designing our announcement and most of our wedding materials makes it even more fun!

The logos, if you cannot tell, are a c and an e formed together into a heart. :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mon Theatre Poster

The theatre department at JCCC asked us to design a 11" x 17" poster for one of their plays this year. I was lucky enough to receive the children's production, Ming Lee and the Magic Tree. Seeing how kids love bright colors and illustrations, I decided to take that approach. After several critiques and tweak-ings, I came up with these ideas. Hope they like them!

PS The colors aren't half as bright on the web as they are on a printed version. I'll work on producing a better jpeg/gif of it.

PPS I found out on September 22nd, that the theatre department chose my poster for the production! I couldn't be more ecstatic; this is my first big design accomplishment!