Thursday, January 28, 2010

Branding Project

In my communication systems class we are branding our own companies. Out of hat, we each picked an animal, number, mineral, and two letters. Based on those results, we were to research and build concepts for a new brand. I picked Lemur, 22, Flint, and QT. After my first round of thumbnailing, I decided on an optics/eyeglass boutique. Lemurs have large inquisitive eyes, and carry fun and playful characteristics. The other three components I chose helped me to build a logo or a mark that will help reach my audience: young, intelligent, hip adults residing or visiting the town of Boston. The store would sit on Newbury Street, a sophisticated and heavily populated shopping area of Boston.

Out of my 100 different thumbnails, I am working on perfecting 10-12 of them and will ultimately narrow it down to one. As I finish a rough of each, I will post them on my blog. Thoughts?