Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Martini Mile Event

race bibs

first flier

final flier

My friend who runs a non-for-profit group, Sports Bras 2 Sports Bars, asked me to create a flier for an annual event they host in the Power and Light District. My task was to give it a fun sexy look and to have it match their Martini Mile logo. The first solution included only a girl subject in the design, and they asked me to modify it with a less feminine approach. We wanted guys to come to the event, too! Thus, I added a male runner, and ba-boom, I had happy clients!   

Along with the flier, I created a bib design for the runners to wear. With guidance from my friend, I widened the martini glass and reassembled the logo, and the bibs were ready to go. I had a lot of fun with this assignment, and had was happy to contribute several hours to a friend in need!

License plates

I've decided to post my design work for some feedback/help/praise from others. Our first assignment of the year was to design 6 license plates that demonstrated a positive/creative way to promote the Kansas Arts Commission.