Monday, March 1, 2010

Business Cards (Redesign)

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(click on pictures for larger image view)

This weekend I got some great advice from design professionals on how to improve my sister's business cards' designs. Basically, they advised me to get rid of the candy-like logo. And I couldn't agree more. Using just her name as the logotype steps her jewelry line up a notch. Im still playing around with the backs of the cards and with the rest of her information. Soon enough we can get these babies sent to the printer and my sister can finally start earning the money she deserves!

My original post from on 2/7/2010:

For my sister's 30th birthday, I made her a variation of business cards for her jewelry line. I began with her logo which reflects Paige's fun yet stylish jewelry design. The background pattern of her logo is a pink diamond, and I played around with her initials until I saw that the m appeared to be in the shape of a jewelry stone, in particular a stone sitting on top of a ring. Her name and information are my handwriting. Lastly, I made three of her cards circular because of another one of her hobbies, collecting drink coasters. I was really happy to finally do this for her!

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